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Discover the amazing benefits that comes with using Tredah as Merchant

Virtual Assistance

Our virtual assistance ensures efficiency, accuracy and peace of mind. With our tailored solutions, unveil your productivity and achieve more with less time

Effortless Transactions

We help package, sell, advertise and market your products for you making all transactions smooth, simple and straightforward

Earn in dollars

Our platform allows traders and sellers to earn in a stable and valuable currency such as dollars to maximize your income and take control of your financial future

Secure Transactions

A medium that ensures protected and confidential transactions allowing you transact with ease from the comfort of your home, office etc.

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What Local Businesses stands to gain with Tredah?


Wide range of customer access: Connect with different customers around asia accommodating different preferences and tastes in various regions.


Revenue Growth: Tap into larger markets to increase sales potential, driving revenue growth for local businesses seeking expansion.


Payment Processing: Accept transactions in US dollar , navigate regulatory complexities, and ensure timely and reliable payments for your goods sold to Asian buyers


Marketing Support: Leverage marketing tools and support provided by the platform to effectively promote products to a broader audience.


Logistical Efficiency: Access streamlined logistics and shipping solutions for international orders, ensuring timely and efficient delivery to customers worldwide.


What Asian Buyers stands to gain with Tredah?

Virtual assistance

Virtual assistant tailored specifically for buyers. From voice commerce , search & navigation , order assistance , insights & product recommendations. Our intelligent assistant streamlines every aspect of your purchasing process.

Quality assurance

Rest assured, every item you purchase undergoes rigorous quality checks and ensure the highest standards of excellence.

Authentic Nigerian Products

Authentic Nigerian products offer a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship, rich cultural heritage, and high-quality materials.

Direct Contact to the Suppliers & Manufacturers

Direct contact with the supplier or manufacturer allows for clear communication and quicker resolution of any product-related inquiries or issues. It ensures direct access to information about the product, warranty details, and any specific requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a cost associated with listing products on the platform?

How does the platform support logistics and shipping for international orders?

Is multilingual support available for businesses targeting international customers?

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